Friday, 27 April 2012


Well today is a wonderful Friday so everyone HIGH FIVE!! lol

1. This week has been insane with writing exams, studying and taking new cake orders!! But the best thing happened on this wonderful Friday.....I FINISHED EXAMS AND AM OFFICIALLY DONE UNIVERSITY!!!!! 7 years and crazy adventures that I will always remember!! Thanks so everyone that has helped me along the way and supported me (makes me wish my dad was here to celebrate with me :(  )

2. I found a wonderful Coffee Mug Exchange with Suzels Says Blog. I have been partnered up with Liz from the blog Liz with the Lovely Life and I can’t wait to send a mug that I think reflects her!! I love blogging!!

Suzels Says

3. I found these amazing pans at the Bulk Barn for $29.99!! I was soooooooo excited because I saw them at Michaels and they were $69.00 isn’t that crazy!! I can't wait until I get a chance to use them ;) ;.)....if you know anyone who was a super cool cake tell them to leave a comment on the blog!!

4. I love Rogers on demand and while I am waiting for everything to load there is an ad for Born To Be Wild....I really wanna see it!! I think that might be what I will do tomorrow while I decorate cupcakes for a baby shower that is on Sunday :) I'll tell you if I enjoyed it

5. Today is Daffodil day to support Cancer Awareness! I hope everyone supported this cause as it is very close to my heat!!

Have a wonderful weekend!!

Stephi xoxo

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  1. I am really excited to send you a coffee mug too!
    thanks for the shameless plug!
    Have a great weekend- congrats on being done!