Friday, 27 April 2012


Well today is a wonderful Friday so everyone HIGH FIVE!! lol

1. This week has been insane with writing exams, studying and taking new cake orders!! But the best thing happened on this wonderful Friday.....I FINISHED EXAMS AND AM OFFICIALLY DONE UNIVERSITY!!!!! 7 years and crazy adventures that I will always remember!! Thanks so everyone that has helped me along the way and supported me (makes me wish my dad was here to celebrate with me :(  )

2. I found a wonderful Coffee Mug Exchange with Suzels Says Blog. I have been partnered up with Liz from the blog Liz with the Lovely Life and I can’t wait to send a mug that I think reflects her!! I love blogging!!

Suzels Says

3. I found these amazing pans at the Bulk Barn for $29.99!! I was soooooooo excited because I saw them at Michaels and they were $69.00 isn’t that crazy!! I can't wait until I get a chance to use them ;) ;.)....if you know anyone who was a super cool cake tell them to leave a comment on the blog!!

4. I love Rogers on demand and while I am waiting for everything to load there is an ad for Born To Be Wild....I really wanna see it!! I think that might be what I will do tomorrow while I decorate cupcakes for a baby shower that is on Sunday :) I'll tell you if I enjoyed it

5. Today is Daffodil day to support Cancer Awareness! I hope everyone supported this cause as it is very close to my heat!!

Have a wonderful weekend!!

Stephi xoxo

Thursday, 26 April 2012


Hi Everyone,

Sorry I have been away from blogging for a while :(  Exams taken over my life!!

So I thought I would make a post of my favorite quotes on Pinterest! :)

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Amen <3
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I hope this brightened your day like it has mine!! :)

Stephi xoxo

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Pinterest Finds this week

Today I really wanted to take a look at some really amazing things I found on Pinterest. If you have never experienced what Pinterest has to offer YOU MUST!! It's a great site that will inspire you with home decore, recipes, travel distination and so much more
I am going to focus my post today on home decore because I am moving in a few months (with one of my best friends April) and want to get motivated to decorate it nicely!

I am in love with this photo because of my obsession with travel! I would love to do this to a dining room or office wall

Pinned Here
If you know me then you know my love for books and coffee! As school is wrapping up I'm finally going to be able to read for leisure (which I havent done for so long!!) and this book case sums up two of my great loves
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Another great love of my life is country music and this door knocker is AMAZING!! If only I could find a door bell that played Boot Scootin Boogie I would be all set!

Cowboy Boot Door Knocker
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Ever since I was a little girl watchin Beauty and the Beast I have wanted a floor to ceiling library and this one is georgous!! I also buy my books for this collect for the day my cake business makes me a millionaire and I can afford a space like this one!
bookcase envy.
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I found this on Pinterest one of my first days on it. I searched and searched for a frame like this one and I think I came pretty close. Once exams are over I will attempt to make it like this and share it here on my blog. Wish me luck!

DIY Jewelry holder - Already looking for the frame!!
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Happy Pinning!!

Stephi xoxo

Wednesday, 18 April 2012


My mom and I have started a little cake business out of our kitchen. My dream is to one day own a bakery and make speciality cakes. Hopefully this dream will come true in the near future!!

My amazing brother Joe made me this chef hat to support my biz!!
We recently did an engagement cake for a co-worker of mine and I think it turn out better darn good for only having 12 hours to complete it

We made the cake gluten free and dairy free to minimize any allergies

Cake was filled with butter cream and lemon curd...yummy!!
Back of the cake
Finished cake at the event hall! So pretty!!
My terrible photo taking makes it look uneven but it isn't
We also made a cake for my sister's mother-in-law's birthday last weekend and it turned out really well

Please leave a comment about the cakes and let me know if you would like to see any other cool cakes!!

We are creating a portfolio for our new business and are giving discounts on cakes! Please let me know if you have an event coming up that you need a cake for (within the London/Parkhill area)

Stephi xoxo

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Study Tips

I thought that I would give my study tips that I use to help you get through this lovely time of year. To all those done school (or done your exams already) I AM SO JEALOUS!!

They are very different than the ones that are provided by Student Services and I think much more enjoyable!

1. Stay in your P.J.'s all day long!! This will keep you relaxed and comfy (but make you get yourself out of bed!!!)

My pink polka dot pants!

2. Take at least 1 break a day to watch your favorite movie!! I personally like to watch a Julia Roberts movie (Last night was Steel Magnolias), Sandra Bullock or Meg Ryan classic flick! Gives me a chance to focus on something other than my studies and who doesn’t love a little tear jerker! :)

Some of my favorites with my least favorite textbook

3. Get a bunch of food (health or my fav junk food) and keep it within arm’s reach. This makes it easy to get when you are in serious study mode

4. Rotation, rotation, rotation. If one subject is getting boring or making you feel sleepy, move on to the class that is least related i.e. Psych to Operations Management. This helps you keep your mind on school but will allow you to focus on something other than the exam you have the next day

5. Take a break to have lunch or dinner with friends. Even when you seem like studying is taking over your life, you need to keep yourself social (not necessarily studying with friends but leaving the books at home and getting out of the house). I find this so important to ensure I don’t get myself over stressed :)

Hopefully some of these tips will help you be successful in your study efforts :)

Stephi xoxo

Friday, 6 April 2012

High Five for Friday!


One of my favorite blogger is Lauren from From My Grey Desk. Every Friday she makes a list of her 5 favorite things, 5 things she did that week or 5 things exciting going on in her life. She has encouraged all fellow bloggers to join her with this post and share it with those who follow them.

So here are 5 things that have gone on this week in my life.

1) School, school, school and more school....This week was the second last week of classes and that means presentations!!! I did surprising well but was excited it was on to a week of reports

2) Booty Camp Fitness. As you all saw from the fitness inspiration post, I began a new workout to help get me in shape for my trip in June. I still love it after the second night so I am hoping for a big change

3) Amongst all the craziness in my life I decided to take on a co-workers engagement cake. My mother and I worked all last night and are continuing today to make this cake wonder (will post about it next week)

4) I gave up biting my nails!!! This is one of my worse habits and I have attempted to kick it many times. This time I am hoping it will be for good because I am loving being about to wear nail polish and rings that bring attention to my hands

5) We got our second foster puppy ADOBTED! Tillie was with us for 3 weeks and has now gone to her permanent home. She will be missed but we know she will be happy!!

Have a great Easter Weekend!!!

Stephi xoxo

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

My Academic Journey

Good Afternoon Blog Friends,

As I sit in my last classes and finish my final reports of my academic career, I thought I would take a look back at my last 7 years of education to reflect on how far I have come.
Ridgetown College, University of Guelph was a wonderful experience and allowed me to grow into who I am today. I meet wonderful people who I am blessed to still have in my life (even if we don't get to see each other as much as we would like).

Ridgetown Yr 1 (05/06)- Oh the sweet age of 18...I still have braces!
 Ridgetown Yr2 (06/07)- My first home away from home with some amazing people!! Never forget those crazy goodtimes

Once my Ridgetown days were over I knew that I wanted to stay in school and gain more knowledge. Fanshawe College was my next adventure. I was not a fan of the program I took but I didn’t want to be a quitter...I call this time in my life "Our time" with my cousin Amanda! We had some crazy times we both don’t remember but the strong bond we had growing up strengthen (we even fought like sisters)

First year at Fanshawe was also the year I decided to go blond....never again!!!

Fanshawe Yr 1 (07/08)- Amanda must remember the interesting night this was...crazy life on Lyman
Fanshawe Yr 2 (08/09)- hair twins!!

Even though everyone thought I was crazy to go back after Ridgetown, graduating Fanshawe showed me that I still needed more school to go where I wanted in life....Brescia/ University of Western Ontario here I come!!

Brescia Yr 1 (09/10)- didnt really hang out with Brescia people cause I had the wonderful Ryan!!
Brescia Yr 2 (10/11)- Met the wonderful Jess and became instant good friends! 
Brescia Yr 2 (10/11)- Although I met the amazing April in first year PoliSci, we grew
closer in second year (pic of Brescia Ball)

Although I am only in my third year of university, my transfer credits are allowing me to finish a year early. It wasn't until this year that I got myself involved and did things I never thought I would do. One of those things was an event I ran (with the help of my wonderful sister, friend April and club Workshops 4 Change) in the memory of my father I lost in Nov 2011. This not only allowed me to raise money for an amazing cause (over $800 total!) but also taught me that I can do anything I set my heart to.
Workshops 4 Change 2011/12

Brescia Yr 3 (11/12)- the wonderful Volunteers that made the event possible!!

Thank you for following me on my journey back in time! Although this chapter is coming to an end, I will forever be grateful to have been about to follow every one of my dreams and meet amazing inspirational people along the way.

Stephi xoxo

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Fitness Inspiration

So last night was my first night of Women’s Booty Camp and it gave me inspiration for some fitness info I found online.

1.       Has anyone ever heard of the YouTube channel BlogilatesTV? I did this workout one day and I felt it right away!

It not only has different workout videos but it also includea ways to get motivated (which I always need!!)

2.       Pinterest is full of amazing motivations some of my fav’s is

Pinned Image
Pinned Here
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Pinned Here

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Pinned Here


3.       Booty Camp Fitness

I have only been once but man am I feeling the workout today!! I am loving the group atmosphere and the friendly instructor

I am trying to get my body ready for my trip to Europe at the end of June so it will be really good start!

Its twice a week for 4 weeks so im thinking Thursday morning is going to be super hard to get out of bed

On the plus side I already feel more energized

Check out locations near you with this link
(They did not sponser this blog I just like the workout!)

4. Arbonne Essentials Mineral Shake
<> <> <>
Vitamin/Mineral Shake - Vanilla
Consultant #115373214

As some of you know I am a Arbonne Independent Consultant and I can't talk about fitness without talking about the Arbonne Essentials Shake.

I really have seen a big difference drinking a shake every morning.

I add 2 scoops of Vanilla Mineral Shake Mix
1/2 Banana
5 Strawberries
250ml of water

It tastes amazing and is good for me (not just because I sell the mix lol)

Stephi xoxo