Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Fitness Inspiration

So last night was my first night of Women’s Booty Camp and it gave me inspiration for some fitness info I found online.

1.       Has anyone ever heard of the YouTube channel BlogilatesTV? I did this workout one day and I felt it right away!

It not only has different workout videos but it also includea ways to get motivated (which I always need!!)

2.       Pinterest is full of amazing motivations some of my fav’s is

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3.       Booty Camp Fitness

I have only been once but man am I feeling the workout today!! I am loving the group atmosphere and the friendly instructor

I am trying to get my body ready for my trip to Europe at the end of June so it will be really good start!

Its twice a week for 4 weeks so im thinking Thursday morning is going to be super hard to get out of bed

On the plus side I already feel more energized

Check out locations near you with this link
(They did not sponser this blog I just like the workout!)

4. Arbonne Essentials Mineral Shake
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Vitamin/Mineral Shake - Vanilla
Consultant #115373214

As some of you know I am a Arbonne Independent Consultant and I can't talk about fitness without talking about the Arbonne Essentials Shake.

I really have seen a big difference drinking a shake every morning.

I add 2 scoops of Vanilla Mineral Shake Mix
1/2 Banana
5 Strawberries
250ml of water

It tastes amazing and is good for me (not just because I sell the mix lol)

Stephi xoxo

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