Thursday, 19 April 2012

Pinterest Finds this week

Today I really wanted to take a look at some really amazing things I found on Pinterest. If you have never experienced what Pinterest has to offer YOU MUST!! It's a great site that will inspire you with home decore, recipes, travel distination and so much more
I am going to focus my post today on home decore because I am moving in a few months (with one of my best friends April) and want to get motivated to decorate it nicely!

I am in love with this photo because of my obsession with travel! I would love to do this to a dining room or office wall

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If you know me then you know my love for books and coffee! As school is wrapping up I'm finally going to be able to read for leisure (which I havent done for so long!!) and this book case sums up two of my great loves
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Another great love of my life is country music and this door knocker is AMAZING!! If only I could find a door bell that played Boot Scootin Boogie I would be all set!

Cowboy Boot Door Knocker
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Ever since I was a little girl watchin Beauty and the Beast I have wanted a floor to ceiling library and this one is georgous!! I also buy my books for this collect for the day my cake business makes me a millionaire and I can afford a space like this one!
bookcase envy.
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I found this on Pinterest one of my first days on it. I searched and searched for a frame like this one and I think I came pretty close. Once exams are over I will attempt to make it like this and share it here on my blog. Wish me luck!

DIY Jewelry holder - Already looking for the frame!!
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Happy Pinning!!

Stephi xoxo

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