Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Study Tips

I thought that I would give my study tips that I use to help you get through this lovely time of year. To all those done school (or done your exams already) I AM SO JEALOUS!!

They are very different than the ones that are provided by Student Services and I think much more enjoyable!

1. Stay in your P.J.'s all day long!! This will keep you relaxed and comfy (but make you get yourself out of bed!!!)

My pink polka dot pants!

2. Take at least 1 break a day to watch your favorite movie!! I personally like to watch a Julia Roberts movie (Last night was Steel Magnolias), Sandra Bullock or Meg Ryan classic flick! Gives me a chance to focus on something other than my studies and who doesn’t love a little tear jerker! :)

Some of my favorites with my least favorite textbook

3. Get a bunch of food (health or my fav junk food) and keep it within arm’s reach. This makes it easy to get when you are in serious study mode

4. Rotation, rotation, rotation. If one subject is getting boring or making you feel sleepy, move on to the class that is least related i.e. Psych to Operations Management. This helps you keep your mind on school but will allow you to focus on something other than the exam you have the next day

5. Take a break to have lunch or dinner with friends. Even when you seem like studying is taking over your life, you need to keep yourself social (not necessarily studying with friends but leaving the books at home and getting out of the house). I find this so important to ensure I don’t get myself over stressed :)

Hopefully some of these tips will help you be successful in your study efforts :)

Stephi xoxo

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