Friday, 6 April 2012

High Five for Friday!


One of my favorite blogger is Lauren from From My Grey Desk. Every Friday she makes a list of her 5 favorite things, 5 things she did that week or 5 things exciting going on in her life. She has encouraged all fellow bloggers to join her with this post and share it with those who follow them.

So here are 5 things that have gone on this week in my life.

1) School, school, school and more school....This week was the second last week of classes and that means presentations!!! I did surprising well but was excited it was on to a week of reports

2) Booty Camp Fitness. As you all saw from the fitness inspiration post, I began a new workout to help get me in shape for my trip in June. I still love it after the second night so I am hoping for a big change

3) Amongst all the craziness in my life I decided to take on a co-workers engagement cake. My mother and I worked all last night and are continuing today to make this cake wonder (will post about it next week)

4) I gave up biting my nails!!! This is one of my worse habits and I have attempted to kick it many times. This time I am hoping it will be for good because I am loving being about to wear nail polish and rings that bring attention to my hands

5) We got our second foster puppy ADOBTED! Tillie was with us for 3 weeks and has now gone to her permanent home. She will be missed but we know she will be happy!!

Have a great Easter Weekend!!!

Stephi xoxo

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