Wednesday, 4 April 2012

My Academic Journey

Good Afternoon Blog Friends,

As I sit in my last classes and finish my final reports of my academic career, I thought I would take a look back at my last 7 years of education to reflect on how far I have come.
Ridgetown College, University of Guelph was a wonderful experience and allowed me to grow into who I am today. I meet wonderful people who I am blessed to still have in my life (even if we don't get to see each other as much as we would like).

Ridgetown Yr 1 (05/06)- Oh the sweet age of 18...I still have braces!
 Ridgetown Yr2 (06/07)- My first home away from home with some amazing people!! Never forget those crazy goodtimes

Once my Ridgetown days were over I knew that I wanted to stay in school and gain more knowledge. Fanshawe College was my next adventure. I was not a fan of the program I took but I didn’t want to be a quitter...I call this time in my life "Our time" with my cousin Amanda! We had some crazy times we both don’t remember but the strong bond we had growing up strengthen (we even fought like sisters)

First year at Fanshawe was also the year I decided to go blond....never again!!!

Fanshawe Yr 1 (07/08)- Amanda must remember the interesting night this was...crazy life on Lyman
Fanshawe Yr 2 (08/09)- hair twins!!

Even though everyone thought I was crazy to go back after Ridgetown, graduating Fanshawe showed me that I still needed more school to go where I wanted in life....Brescia/ University of Western Ontario here I come!!

Brescia Yr 1 (09/10)- didnt really hang out with Brescia people cause I had the wonderful Ryan!!
Brescia Yr 2 (10/11)- Met the wonderful Jess and became instant good friends! 
Brescia Yr 2 (10/11)- Although I met the amazing April in first year PoliSci, we grew
closer in second year (pic of Brescia Ball)

Although I am only in my third year of university, my transfer credits are allowing me to finish a year early. It wasn't until this year that I got myself involved and did things I never thought I would do. One of those things was an event I ran (with the help of my wonderful sister, friend April and club Workshops 4 Change) in the memory of my father I lost in Nov 2011. This not only allowed me to raise money for an amazing cause (over $800 total!) but also taught me that I can do anything I set my heart to.
Workshops 4 Change 2011/12

Brescia Yr 3 (11/12)- the wonderful Volunteers that made the event possible!!

Thank you for following me on my journey back in time! Although this chapter is coming to an end, I will forever be grateful to have been about to follow every one of my dreams and meet amazing inspirational people along the way.

Stephi xoxo

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