Sunday, 11 January 2015

Healthy Lunch


When previously trying to lose weight and get healthy, I would prep all of my meals for the week. This was great because I never had to worry what I ate day to day. The only issue was the week I was too busy to find time to set aside for meal prep, I would end up eating out everyday. This time around, I am not putting pressure on myself to do one or the other. 

I prepped today's lunch last night so I could get those extra minutes of sleep for a Monday morning. I decide to use the left over steak from dinner and make a salad. I also packed up my snacks and breakfast. 

After prepping everything, I weighed out all my food on my food scale. I added it into My Fitness Pal to ensure I was keeping with my daily calories. This has really helped me to know what I want for dinner and plan accordingly. 

The salad turned out perfect (although the steak was overdone but that was my issue from last night)! Very excited to be staying motivated and preparing meals :) 


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